Rare Earth Magnets

The Styló stylus attaches to the screen of the iPad 2 with two rare earth magnets, it’ll even work with the Smart Cover. No clip and a streamlined design that’s comfortable and practical. It’s always with your tablet.

There at your convenience.

Double Tip Design

We thought about how you interact with a tablet. It’s quick and intuitive and there’s no right or wrong way. That’s why you can just pick up the Styló stylus and interact, it’s as natural as using your finger.

Don’t think, just draw.

Unique Design

Many say looks don’t matter, we disagree. Every element on the Styló stylus is there for a reason, both aesthetics and function. It’s an uncompromising designer stylus, yet affordable for everyone.

Never a pen, stylus by nature.

Premium Materials

Only the highest quality materials and finishes were selected to provide you with the best possible stylus. High quality foam, anodized aluminum, and a rare earth magnet perform their functions flawlessly.

No compromises, only the best.


Not all fingers are created equal; luckily, every Styló stylus is. Consistency means you can accurately interact with your tablet and write just like you would on paper with fewer mistakes.

Select what you want, when you want.